Machine Data Acquisitation

At machine level the machine data acquisition (MDA) acts as an interface between the production equipment and the higher level information processing (ERP, PPS). It allows you to automatically collect production data (e.g. production quantities, scrap), as well as process data (e.g. the power consumption of a machine).

FACTORYMINER offers you a high degree of flexibility and scalability regarding the connection of different types of machines. The machine data is logged to the second and is available for a variety of analysis in real time.

Your benefits

  • transparent production processes
  • relief for machine operators
  • optimized machine performance / cycle and set-up times
  • reduction of faults and downtimes
  • early problem detection / elimination
  • less scrap and rework

  • increased process stability
  • real-time monitoring of machine states / utilization and other parameters
  • maintenance notification / alerts
  • unified analysis across heterogeneous machine parks