Production Data Collection

In todays industrial environments large attention is given to lean manufacturing. The goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the production so that the output is maximized and the use of resources is minimized at the same time.

With its production data collection (PDC) features FACTORYMINER supports you in achieving this goal. It allows you to continuously collect and analys data of all relevant states and processes in your production environment.

Your benefits

  • transparent production processes
  • optimized cycle / setup times
  • less scrap and rework
  • complete prozess and order documentation
  • order process in real time
  • increased process stability

  • detailed data for planning and costing
  • early problem detection / elimination
  • a wide range of analysis (e.g. OEE index, fault / downtime / setup time analysis)
  • input for CI, 6S, Kaizen

Further information