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A transparent production.

That‘s how it works.

As specialist or executive in an industrial enterprise you want to be accurately informed about your production processes at any time. The information available to you is the basis for each of your decisions and its quality directly affects your companies success.

Thus, FACTORYMINER helps you to make your production processes transparent. Because only transparent processes can be specifically controlled and optimized.

Your benefits

Productivity improvements

  • reduction of unit and process costs
  • improved cycle times
  • decrease of downtimes
  • fault prevention
  • increase in delivery performance
  • less scrap and rework


Real time imformation

  • order progress
  • visualization (e.g. Andon-Boards)
  • maintenance notification / alerts
  • feedback for planning systems etc.
  • statistical process control (SPC)


  • optimization of setup times and costs (SMED)
  • optimizing capacity utilization and load distribution



  • complete order / product / batch tracking
  • support of complaint management
  • quality management (ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949)


Data source for the management

  • input for KVP, 6S, Kaizen
  • values stream mapping
  • final costing


Subscribing our service is the most convenient and most cost effective way to use our MES software. The software runs in our data center in Austria and can be accessed from anywhere in the world by simply using an internet browser. The hardware for the production and machine data acquisition is constantly monitored and maintained. There is no need for you to invest in additional servers (hardware and software), or the monitoring, maintenance, or administration of software and hardware respectively.

Protecting your data is especially important to us. Therefore, we always keep our cloud environment on the latest state of technology. We use modern cryptographic encryption methods on all system levels. Your data is encrypted before being transmitted from the browser to our servers. There it is stored anonymized. Furthermore, your data is backed up regularly and the backups are kept physically separated from our data center.

Your advantages

  • The software is immediately ready to use.
  • You don’t have to invest in IT equipment or infrastructure.
  • You don’t need any IT-expertise or own IT-resources.
  • We do all the operation, maintenace and administration.
  • Your data is protected according to the latest security standards.
  • Your data is backed up regularly.
  • Our software is optimized for scalability and grows with your needs.

Product features


Master data:

  • shifts
  • machines / machine groups
  • reasons for down times
  • reasons for scrap
  • products / product groups
  • working plans
  • working steps
  • measurements
  • tools
  • order data

Analysis and reporting:

  • various OEE reports
  • trend analysis of machine states
  • pareto analysis of machine states
  • process data analysis (SPC)
  • and many more…

Data collection:

  • automatic collection of production quantities, scrap and machine states
  • time independent offline data collection with automatic subsequent updates (e.g. temperature, pressure) per working step (SPC)
  • simple manual updates of shifts, orders, states and production quantities
  • logging of shifts and shift teams
  • simple administration of cycle times with workplace and product groups
  • collection of any number of production states for a precise analysis of performance losses

Technical details

  • machine and operating system independent architecture
  • flexible integrated authorization system
  • linear scalability for any size of machinery
  • highest possible reliability and scalability via redundant server processes
  • use of open standards for a long product life
  • integrated webservice interfaces for data exchange with ERP, PPS, PLM systems etc.
  • designed to work in different time zones
  • multi language support

System requirements

  • internet access
  • internet browser: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome

Further information